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Women of TCS Campus Commune 2


Hey there,

It will be a pretty exciting week for you! This week we TCSers are celebrating International Women’s Day in a different way from the usual celebration. These five days we have hand-picked some of your favorite extra-ordinary moderators whom I will interview just for you! Let’s get a sneak-in together.

To familiarize you with our first moderator, we have started a series of interviews wherein we ask them to share their Campus Commune experience with us. Swarnalakshmi Ravi is from the TCS EIS & IoT Technology.

When and how did you come to know about Campus Commune?

I was advised by the CTO of my unit to work on some engagement activities for TCS Campus Commune. That was when I came to know about Campus Commune.

Were you nervous about taking up this role? If yes, what inspired you to brush the nervousness aside?

I was not nervous, instead, it was a wow moment to see the industry-academic interfacing digitally.

Any teething troubles? If yes, how did you workaround?

I didn't find any trouble as such, it was quite easy to get my hands on!

Which is your preferred mode of engaging with the students?

I like a bi-directional interaction (dialogue digitally) way of engaging with the students.

How has Campus Commune contributed to your Learning and Development?

It was a great experience as it helped me learn better, any topic that I shared with students was first learned and well-researched by myself until I was convinced.

Do the students inspire you? How?

They definitely inspire me to get better every day through their honest and sincere feedback and through their contribution.

How would you relate to the Campus Commune students? Share some tips, please.

Regardless of what I post, I write it in a very interactive way assuming I'm speaking with the reader(I sincerely tend to this and it works well for me) and also provide them assortment or varieties in communication (blogs, quizzes, polls, etc).

Any wow factor in your Campus Commune journey.

The instant and quick responses or comments received by students are amazing.

How does it feel to be a Star Moderator of one of the most vibrant channels? Also the feedback you receive from students.

It feels great and more responsible as the number of subscribers increase exponentially.


Favorite leisure activity: Listening and singing Bhajans

Dream travel destination: Paris (Leisure), Mukthinath Nepal (Spiritual)

Favorite book/movie: Who moved my cheese

Favorite food: Any vegetable that is steamed and less spicy

Three words to describe yourself: Determination, Create a unique space for myself, Surrender to Divine

Thank You, Swarnalakshmi Ravi, for your contribution.

So, let me know in the comments below about your views about Swarnalakshmi and about the upcoming Women’s Day celebration with the #WomenofCC.

Any guesses who will be our next moderator?


Team Campus Commune.