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Women of TCS Campus Commune


Hey there,

It will be a pretty exciting week for you! This week we TCSers are celebrating International Women’s Day in a different way from the usual celebration. These five days we have hand-picked some of your favorite extra-ordinary moderators whom I will interview just for you! Let’s get a sneak-in together.

To familiarize you with our first moderator, we have started a series of interviews wherein we ask them to share their Campus Commune experience with us. Nishi Ranjan is from the TCS Blockchain Community.

How could we let you go without answering a few questions! Here's a short interview with Nishi!

When and how did you come to know about Campus Commune?

I joined Blockchain unit in April and that is when I came across TCS Campus Commune.

Were you nervous about taking up this role? If yes, what inspired you to brush the nervousness aside?

Yes, I did not knowing how to move forward and TCS Campus Commune being of my main KRAs', I started working seriously on the channel.

Any teething troubles? If yes, how did you workaround?

I was clueless about where to start from and what to do. Then I reached out to the TCS Campus Commune team for the basics. Further, they explored different channels and their engagement model. It is an experience in itself!

Which is your preferred mode of engaging the students?

Shooting questions, polls, quizzes, debates are often engaging mediums that the students prefer over blogs.

Do you see glimpses of your own self in these students?

All age groups are curious to know the latest developments in any field be it sports, health, technology or similar fields. I found similar curiosity among students to understand better about the Blockchain Technology.

Any wow factor in your Campus Commune journey.

Yes, it has been exciting and encouraging to find students visit the channel and put their comments.

How does it feel to be a Moderator of one of the most vibrant channels?

It is a fantastic feeling and I feel more responsible to keep the channel vibrant for students.

Rapid fire:

Favorite leisure activity: Listening to music

Dream travel destination: Switzerland

Favorite book: Oh, mind relax please!: roots of yoga, wings of management by Sukhabodhananda, Swami.

Favorite food: Full course Onam Sadhya

Thank You, Nishi for your contribution.

So, let me know in the comments below about your views about Nishi and about the upcoming Women’s Day celebration with the #WomenofCC.

Any guesses who will be our next moderator?


Team Campus Commune.