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Who will grab the EngiNx'19 Winners title? Poll for your favorite team!


As we inch towards the Finale, let's play a game! 

We have introduced the competing teams for this year. Which team do you think has the most feasible and the most brilliant idea? Hear out what our teams have to say about their EngiNx dreams!
Vote for your favorite team!

Team 1: TryandCatch -They are working on Smart farming that detects pests and suggests which crop should be grown by evaluating climatic conditions, soil conditions and market demand of the crop.
Raghav from team Try and Catch- "I think we should win Enginx 2019 because the solution that we are proposing is for the community of the people that need the technological solutions the most. We do have a solution to all their problems in one application that is a one-stop solution for all farmers." 

Team 2: Team_dot- Their prototype is based on Making Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) smart through closed-loop IoT system
"We are team_Dot and We are developing an industry-ready solution which increases the sales of Battery Electric Vehicles and increase the momentum to shift the usage of conventional vehicles into electric vehicles by which pollution can be reduced to a greater extent. To develop this we need a platform and enginx had acted as one."

Team 3: W1nner-They are working on Remote audio-based emergency assistance system to make the existing surveillance and emergency alert systems smart, reliable and more efficient
"Hello, I am Trideep from Team W1nner. I think we should win EngiNX 2019 because the surveillance solution we have proposed can monitor environments without issues of a line of sight and direction of the audio source. Additionally, this module can be placed in an enclosed area with just enough audio penetration and analyze and generate the required triggers."

Team 4: Unbeatables- They are working on Warehouse Management System using drones that reduces human effort in handling the warehouse.
"Our prototype fits right in the motto of EngiNX i.e making things smart. Our product, Agent Hawk automates the warehouse operations, which smoothens the functionalities of the warehouse. It definitely makes an impact and resolves the drawbacks of existing warehouse solution. We deserve a win in EngiNX because our product is better in terms of accuracy and brings automation in warehouses, currently, most of the warehouse operations are manually done. Our drone can complete one surveillance of a warehouse in 20mins thus making the entire process time saving, manually it takes 2-3 days to finish one whole surveillance. Our drone is cost-effective and it will save a lot of costs that are currently being invested in manpower. It's a clear win-win for both. "

Team 5: Exalters- Their prototype is based on the Development of a Viable and Versatile Wearable for 
Suppression and Nullification of Hand Tremors.
"We think we deserve to win Enginx because we believe that our product shouldn't just die on the drawing board but instead should be out there, impacting real lives."

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Participate in the poll because the lucky winner will get a chance to win Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 500!

Terms and conditions:

  • Go through our latest engagements on EngiNx'19
  • Comment the Team name of your favorite team
  • Guess the winner before 6 PM on 6.09.2019

The results of EngiNx 2019 will be declared shortly! So keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.