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The Maiden Edition of TCS EnQuode 2018 -Finishes on a High Note


The 22nd & 23rd of August witnessed the grand finale of the TCS EnQuode 2018 contest.  

15 contestants from the 63k students who had registered for the contest battled it out at the grand finale. 

Showcasing the highlights of the grand finale.

To Start : Contestants all geared up to for the grand finale - General briefing on the case study 

The finalists all set to enter the ATL auditorium at the TCS Siruseri office where the grand finale was conducted

The EnQuode 2018 grand finale stage all set for the events to start  - 

The grand finale was attended by students, faculty, placements officers from Chennai based colleges along with senior academicians from Anna University  TCS associates and senior leaders. 

There were very insightful talks given as part of the finale.

The long awaited moment where the winners of TCS EnQuode were announced.

Winner of TCS EnQuode 2018:  Rohan Khanna from Guru Nanak Dev College, Amritsar 

He carried home a cool Apple iphone 8 and a Microsoft Surface tablet along with provisional offer from TCS

The First Runner Up of TCS EnQuode 2018:  Aditya Malik from Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science, Indore

He carried home a cool Microsoft Surface Pro tablet along with provisional offer from TCS

The 2nd runner up  of TCS EnQuode 2018:  Abhijeet Yadav from Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management and Gramothan, Jaipur

He carried home a cool  HP laptop and accessories along with provisional offer from TCS

All the finalists (14) of them were given provisional offers from TCS and one finalist in her 3rd of engineering got an internship opportunity.

All the finalists on the stage 

This is curtains for the TCS EnQuode 2018 edition we look forward to seeing more students participate in the next edition.