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TCS Finorama: Your creative genius, financial good for all!


Dear enterprising students,

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution!

You’re living in a time where new business models are converging the real and digital worlds. Businesses can no longer function in the traditional sense only. Right from large corporations to small and medium-sized companies, organizations are shedding their previous avataar for lean, agile, digitally transformed businesses. They are embracing risk and are inviting niche start-ups to collaborate with, rather than compete with! 

You’re getting a front-and-center view of how economies, markets and businesses are evolving.

When the Indian economy undertook the financial inclusion program, it opened its doors for India’s masses to access finance for livelihood purposes. This has not only created exciting opportunities but also challenges to see them through.

You see, while crores of rural Indians can now operate their own bank accounts, we are miles away from achieving true financial inclusion. For that, money needs to be mobilized towards different financial initiatives such as investing in the secondary market, purchasing insurance to safeguard families, and even encouraging participation in new digital finance platforms such as marketplace lending.

This is where you, our binary extraordinaires come in! 

We need you to architect the building blocks of answers, for some of the most pressing questions our banking customers are facing. 

Participate in TCS Finorama and fulfill your chance to be a part of history! Click the link below to know more.


- If you are a registered member of Campus Commune, Login (https://campuscommune.tcs.com/en-in/intro) and click on the contest tab to register for TCS Finorama.
- If you are NOT registered on campus commune, register first on https://nextstep.tcs.com and then launch Campus Commune.