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Take a launch to your new career destination!


Hey there,

A very warm welcome to all of you!

It is that time when we eagerly look forward to each year; and something even you eagerly wait for, with hope and excitement. You guessed it right! Yes, we are referring to the launch of a brand new channel on TCS Campus Commune.

TCS Campus Commune launches TCS Launch Pad 2021, exclusively for students from the batch of 2021. With this lockdown going on, what can be a better timing to have a dedicated space for some collaborative learning; conditioning and preparation to develop interpersonal skills.

What is Launch Pad?

Launch Pad is a channel created exclusively for our massive talent pools that have the zeal and passion of learning and developing their personality.

It is a channel for you to that helps you know about newer technologies and more about your favourite organization. It helps, guides and nurtures you to excel in your skills at this initial stage – and sets a foundation for your personal growth.

Every year in TCS Campus Commune, we have a dedicated learning channel for students keen on learning. This channel is a medium which will constantly disseminate knowledge and help you in areas of your interest for you to be the best! The channel we are talking about is TCS Launch Pad 2021. The channel consists of Subject Matter Experts also called Moderators, who will do their utmost in steering your journey to the destination. They will make your journey throughout - a seamless process of learning and growth.

This channel is exclusive to students from the 2021 batch, after logging into CC you will be enlisted into this channel.

Do share the information about the launch of this channel with your batch-mates so that they too can take the benefit of this learning program.

With all the above said activities this channel plans to take-off, we are sure this will be the perfect launch pad for you to propel your skills.

Feel free to express yourselves and explore in this vivacious world of IT called TCS. A platform full of enlightenment and learning, will take you to newer boundaries.

Do participate in daily engagements to evolve and propel with ignition.

Let me know in the comment section about your views of the channel and your excitement as well.

Happy Exploring!

Stay Tuned...