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Step by Step Guide for Registration to CodeVita

For non NextStep Registered Candidates

Step 1: Register on NextStep Portal (https://nextstep.tcs.com)


Step2: Click on Register Now


Step 3: Click on IT


Step 4: Click on Campus/Off Campus Applicants whichever applicable


Step 5: Fill the form and Submit


Step 6: Login via your credentials on NextStep Portal (https://nextstep.tcs.com)


Step 7: Click on Campus Commune on top left corner


Step 8: Launch Campus Commune and make sure pop-ups are enabled


Step 9: Agree to Terms and Conditions


Step 10: You are now on Campus Commune homepage. Register for CodeVita either by clicking on Noticeboard link or by CodeVita Spotlight Blog or by clicking on rotating banner


Step 11: Complete the Registration and Team Formation process on CodeVita Contest Page