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Let's pledge to do our bit!



World Environment Day everyone! 

With the whole world fighting a pandemic & most countries in lockdown, our environment is busy re-gaining its spaces with lesser human interaction.

Every year there is a theme & this year, the theme is Celebrate Biodiversity. As everyone is aware, the World Environment day, one of the biggest annual events run by UN, encourages people around the world to respect the values of nature/environment. At TCS, we also have a separate environmental committee which runs various initiatives like planting trees, cleaning up drives across beaches and many more. Let’s all continue doing this & contribute more to our nature!
If you ask me, I significant changes all around me, out of which the massive decrease in pollution levels is very significant.

Pollution levels coming down and watching a clear sky!
Pollution free water/Clean water like the ones flowing over the Ganges and many more.

So, what changes have you been noticing in our nature? Come, share your views/pictures with us in the comments below.

Also, on the lighter note, we’ve exploited our environment and continue to do so. Since the problems are plenty, inviting people in groups & taking up each area of conservation is a much better idea in preserving our nature. This can include saving the elephants, saving the wildlife, riv-er/ocean clean ups, deforestation & many more.

“Take a course in good water and air; and in the eternal youth of Nature you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone; no harm will befall you”. – John Muir
The above one is well said!

So, let's all protect our Mother Earth together while succeeding in combating the COVID.

Stay home, stay safe, stay with Nature!