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Let's hear it from the InfraMind S2 Champions!


Hi there,

It's time to meet the darlings of the show! We got the chance to interact with the cupbearers of InfraMind S2. Dynamic as it is, the apostles of the InfraMind team absorb the best talents into its core functions and give the contestants the opportunity to be the organizers of the game and bring out a different perspective altogether! Today, we have the CodeHackers, Vijai V and Kirubakaran N from Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Pondicherry. From registering, to competing, to managing the contest, these tech-wizards, have seen it all. Let's hear what they have to say: So, how does it feel like to be a part of InfraMind and see and handle it from the inside? Tell us about this journey of transformation.
Vijay- I never thought that I would be in InfraMind again as a part of the organizing team. I admire the team's efforts a lot and it's great to be here! It's an amazing chance to witness and be a part of this industry, amazing leaderships and the latest technologies it is leveraging. Today we feel lucky to come across different and diverse technological solutions that are submitted by thousands of contestants.
Kirubakaran- It’s a great pleasure and honor for me to be a part of InfraMind because I have experienced the feel of both; to be a participant and an organizer and either roles have reduced the excitement towards InfraMind, rather increased my interest by manifold!

Let's rewind to a year, why InfraMind? What made you register for such a contest?
Vijay- InfraMind is a buzzword among us engineers who were still involved in the academics and looking for an opportunity to unleash our talents. Our seniors from college were the title bearers of InfraMind Season 1 which boosted our enthusiasm and inspired us a lot! It is a great place to learn the newest technologies!
Kirubakaran- For me, it was the chance to play around with and get into the niche of the brilliant world of technology. It's not only a contest, but it's also a great learning platform as well!

Any authorized piece of advice or tips for the finalists this year?
Vijay- My advice to the finalist teams would be to give their best in their endeavors to explore future emerging technologies.
Kirubakaran- My advice for the finalists this year would be to never fear for what is going to happen because fear would be our greatest enemy. This moment is yours, so grab it and don’t think about the past or future.

You are now working with TCS CBO - tell us about this experience and how many roles did Inframind play in this.
Vijay- I am associated with the Hyper Innovation team which is a part of COE (Center of Excellence) Unit. I feel blessed to be part of this team. Our work ranges across ML, AR, VR, Web, and Mobile Based Applications. In the InfraMind Season 2, we chose to work with AI and learned it from scratch. Therefore, now, working with AR gave me a chance to explore things on my own.
Kirubakaran- Right now, I'm also a part of TCS working as a system engineer in CBO – Center of Excellence Hyper Innovation Team where the heart of innovation occurs. What can be bigger than this!

So, you heard them! The Grand Finale fever is about to begin!
Stay with us to find out this year's finalists.

Best regards,
Team InfraMind