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Let’s get you prepared for your tough one!


Hi Friend,

We have started our journey to TNQT 2020 via Launch Pad 2020. I hope you are aboard and updated! Those who are new, I would say: Please stay in close touch with the channel as we will be having regular engagements and subject sections of your interest every day! Heading towards the biggest and the most rated ‘hot’ section according to maximum student responses is Quantitative Aptitude.


Quantitative aptitude test measures an individual’s numerical ability and accuracy in mathematical calculations. Going by the name of the subject it measures the aptitude skills of every individual. The questions range from purely numeric calculations to problems of arithmetic reasoning, graph and table reading, percentage analysis, categorization, and quantitative analysis.



  1. Ratio & Proportion
  2. Venn Diagrams
  3. Mean, Median, Mode
  4. Time & Distance
  5. Permutations & Combinations
  6. Probability
  7. Problems on Trains
  8. Time and Distance
  9. Height and Distance
  10. Time and Work
  11. Simple Interest, Compound Interest
  12. Profit and Loss
  13. Partnership, Percentage
  14. Problems on Ages
  15. Calendar
  16. Clock
  17. Average
  18. Area, Volume and Surface Area
  19. Permutation and Combination
  20. Problems on Numbers, Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M
  21. Decimal Fraction
  22. Simplification
  23. Square Root and Cube Root
  24. Surds and Indices
  25. Ratio and Proportion
  26. Chain Rule
  27. Pipes and Cistern
  28. Boats and Streams
  29. Alligation or Mixture
  30. Logarithm
  31. Races and GamesStocks
  32. Probability
  33. Odd Man Out and Series to name a few.


It is generally the basis on which candidates are shortlisted for various rounds. (interviews for companies and admission for educational institutions)



  • The type/nature of the questions can be from Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to fill in the blanks.
  • The duration of the test will be 30 minutes.
  • No extended time will be given.
  • You have 15 questions and 30 minutes to write your answers. Basically, 2minutes per question.
  • The level of difficulty of these questions will vary from simple to medium.
  • Negative marking is applicable.

Tips to prepare:

  1. You should be good with the speed of calculations and problem-solving.
  2. All you need to do is, 10th & 12th Standard Mathematics. There are innumerable amounts of Study materials available Online as well. Be sure to be good in Probability, Permutations & Combinations, and Time & Distance, and General Mathematics.
  3. Solve a few problems to assess where you stand as of now and work backward.
  4. Practice as much as possible for this test. The practice is your key to success.

I hope this blog was helpful for you to know more about Quantitative Aptitude. For further queries, please write it below in the comment section. Also, let me know if you liked it!

Happy Learning!