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InfraMind - Discovering the new in IT -Registrations are now open!


InfraMind – Discovering the next in IT


TCS brings to you a new space to test your skills and prove your proficiency.  Are you ready for a new Challenge??

Does IT Networking interest you? Do you want to know more Cloud computing? Do you know what virtualization is?Then InfraMind is where you need to be. A new contest from the TCS IT Infrastructure services.

TCS IT Infrastructure Services (IT IS) is a global leader in providing Datacenter, Cloud and Digital Workplace Transformation Solutions. TCS Infrastructure Services is an ever evolving paradigm driving greater agility to customer’s businesses. With a broad range of offerings across every technology and capability to address every nuance, TCS IT IS is a perfect platform for individuals to aspire for a stellar career.


Why should you participate?

Compete with the brightest students across India. Learn about new technologies and explore the world of infrastructure services to kick start your career.  


How do you register for the contest?