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Here's all you should know for Round 1 Zone 2


There are multiple coding levels before the top finalist can progress into the Grand Finale. To participate in CodeVita, one needs to register on the TCS Campus commune Portal. There will be 3 main rounds to the contest. 

• Pre-Qualifier Round (Round 1): It will be 24 hours contest window and each participant is provided with 6 hours of time to solve the questions. Pre-Qualifier round is done in INDIA as well as Rest of the world separately. This season we will have two zonal rounds in INDIA for Pre-Qualifier. 

o Zone 1: 3 PM, 28th June 2019(Friday) to 3 PM, 29th June 2019(Saturday) - Students who have registered as recruitment regions like Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Kochi were in Zone 1 – Pre-Qualifier round. Zone 1 is concluded.

o Zone 2: 3 PM, 12th July 2019(Friday) to 3 PM, 13th July 2019(Saturday) - Students who have registered as recruitment regions like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Pune will be in Zone 2 – Pre-Qualifier round. We will map the student to the region/zone based on the location of their college. 

If a contestant has appeared for one Zonal round, he/she cannot appear for another Zone. Round 1 of the contest is Online. Students can take part in the contest from home or college.

• Qualifier Round (Round 2): Qualifier Round (Round 2) would happen after the completion of all the Pre-Qualifier rounds across the world. Top performers from the zonal rounds across the globe will move into this round. Each participant is provided with 6 hours of time to solve the questions. December first week 2019 is the tentative timeline for this Qualifier round. Round 2 of the contest is Online. Students can take part in the contest from home or college.
• Grand Finale: Top 30 or 40 performers from the Global Qualifier round would have the opportunity to move into the Grand Finale. Grand Finale is held in one of the TCSL offices in India. Top 3 contestants will be declared as winners of the contest. Winners (Top 3 contestants) will receive a total cash prize of USD 20,000. We will be extending internships and offers to top coders from the contest. February last week 2020 is the tentative timeline for the Grand Finale. 

CodeVita FAQs and General Instructions:

A) CodeVita Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. I’m getting the message “User already logged in. Please try after 15 minutes”. What do I do?

A1. Please use the log out button to close your active session. In case you close your session without logging out properly or accidentally, you will be able to log in again only after 15 minutes after your current session closure. If you are still unable to access the page, then please check your network strength. You may refresh the cache memory in your browser settings as well before logging in again.

Q2. “How to log in and take part in the contest?”

A2. You have to log in to www.tcscodevita.com. Username will be your registered email id and the password will be the unique “secret code” that is available on the Campus Commune portal. Also, please check, we have sent your secret code on your registered email id. Keep your commune CodeVita channel.
Please find the path below to find your secret code to login: 
Campus commune Home -> Click on Contests> CodeVita Banner -> CodeVita contest page -> View CodeVita Credentials (at the right side). 

Start the contest only once you are ready because once clicked, the timer will start for the next 6 hours irrespective of personal breaks.

Q3. “I do not remember my password, what can be done?”

A3. Please remember that there is no need to reset the password for accessing the CodeVita Contest. Your password will be the same secret code that is unique to your registered ID and that is displayed on your Campus Commune – CodeVita Channel home page. Your username will be your registered email ID.

Please find the path below to find your secret code to login: 
Campus commune Home -> Click on Contests> CodeVita Banner -> CodeVita contest page -> View CodeVita Credentials (at the right side). 
Post getting the secret code, please log in to www.tcscodevita.com (http://www.tcscodevita.com) with your mail id and secret code generated in Campus Commune. 

Request you to use a Desktop/Laptop for participating in the contest. Please note that the secret code is case sensitive. Please do not leave any spaces between the characters.

Q4.”Can I submit a solution in an extension?”
A4. You can only upload a solution whose extension belongs to one of the following -.c, .cpp, .py, .java, .rb, .cs,.php, .pl, otherwise, you would not be able to submit.

Q5. “What does the attribution of code mean?” 
A5. During the CodeVita contest, a participant could refer to web resources and has to declare web links that they have referred before submitting his/her solution on the CodeVita system.  This is referred to as ‘Attribution of Code’ 

If the student has written the entire code from scratch the ‘Attribution of code’ does not apply. 

Q6. “Where do I mention the attributed code?”
A6. Before you submit your solution on the CodeVita system, there will be an option which you have to select – whether you have referred to the external source code. If ‘Yes’ then you have to give the entire details of the source code. You will have to provide a complete link/URL of the code which you have referred to. 

Q7. “What is proper attribution of Code?”
A7. Providing the entire link/ URL of the source code is proper attribution of Code. Through the link/URL, we can access/view the source code. 
Generic entries like ‘Google.com’ ‘www.codechef.com’, ‘StackOverflow’, ‘stackoverflow.com’, ‘Friend’s Code’, ‘Internet’ and other incomplete entries will not be accepted. 
Q8. “What happens if I do not attribute the code I have referred to?”
A8. Your submission will be considered as Plagiarized and you will not be considered for next round of the contest
Q9. “I am getting errors like ‘program doesn't exist’, '404 error’ and sometimes my submit button is not visible.”
A9. Before logging in, request you to kindly delete cached files by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del, then ensure the checkbox for 'Cached Images and Files' is checked, and then click on 'Clear Data'. Ignoring this step might cause the erroneously cached files to misbehave on the site.
B) General Instructions:
•    CodeVita 8 pre-qualifier round 1 (zone 2) is scheduled from 3:00 PM IST, 12th July 2019 to 3:00 PM IST, 13th July 2019.
•    You will have 6 hours to take the contest. Your 6 hours start the moment you click on the ‘Start Contest’ button after you log in to http://www.tcscodevita.com on the day of the contest.
•    In order to get your full quota of 6 hours, ensure that you login to the contest at least 6 hours before the contest ends.
•    If you log in with less than 6 hours remaining for the overall contest, you will have less time to complete the contest.
•    Verify that you can log into CodeVita platform www.tcscodevita.com with your mail ID and secret code (password) generated in Campus Commune post your registration. Your secret code has been sent to you on your registered email id.
•    Compilers/ Interpreters - Match your language compilers and/or interpreters with the supported version. Supported versions can be found at https://www.tcscodevita.com/CodevitaV8/codevitablog.jsp
•    Network - Ensure that you have reachability with www.tcscodevita.com from a reliable and stable network (say Home network or Institute network). The mobile network is not recommended due to fluctuations.
•    Submit solutions to the questions only in supported languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and PHP.
•    Familiarize yourself with application controls, look and feel and feedback mechanisms.
•    If you are going to be using shared infrastructure like a college Lab, ensure that 
https://www.tcscodevita.com is accessible from your target environment. Also, check that your college firewall is not blocking the contest site.
•    Site is best viewed in modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox and IE 9 and above.
Ensure you are using a compatible browser
•    Ensure that your browser supports JavaScript. The site will not work properly if your browser has blocked JavaScript. Bookmark the site for quick access later on. 
•    Please refrain from changing any registration/profile details in NCP at least before the Round 1 of CodeVita. This will affect your participation in the contest.
•    Please go through the guidelines, sample questions, self-help trivia and FAQs in http://www.tcscodevita.com before starting the contest.
•    Last but not least, plagiarism will have very serious consequences, we have a team
dedicated to checking plagiarism, so refrain from copying codes. 

Thank You and Happy Coding!

Best Regards,
Team CodeVita