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Grab Your Chance to Pay Tribute to Your Expert Mentors!


Whatever be your subject or domain, no matter what you do or pursue, there will be someone whom you would look up to for inspiration, guidance etc. That someone is addressed by various names like Mentor, Guide, Guru, Instructor etc. Call that someone by any which name, but, that person is primarily an Expert.

An Expert Mentor selflessly takes a backseat while allowing the followers or students to excel in front. How you wished there was an interactive platform where your Expert Mentors could showcase their talent! Well, we could read your mind and here’s the platform!

Tata Innoverse presents ‘SOLVERHUNT’ – an interactive platform for Your Expert Mentors.

We are looking for Experts or Industry leaders who could help us in developing better (accurate, faster and cheaper) systems. Experts who can integrate hardware (to capture images/videos of highest quality & automate) and software (develop robust algorithms to analyse images/videos).

We are also looking for experts who can, by and large, address the areas of industrial imaging & processing for improving quality and process improvement (automation).

All you need to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit http://tatainnoverse.com/solverhunt/
  2. Explore the challenges - A) Identification of defects on metal sheet B) Counting the number of rebars in a bundle
  3. Submit complete contact details of Experts
  4. Stand a chance to win cash prizes

Get ready to refer your Mentors, for, this could be one of your best ways of paying them a tribute. What’s more, there are loads of prizes to be won! Hurry up and submit the details now!

Competition last date 09-Nov-2017