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Career Edge – Knockdown the Lockdown


Hey there,

It’s the tenth day of the lockdown and we are still in the dilemma of doing something productive every day. While we can read, write, cook, listen to music, clean stuff, etc. One must never stop learning! Haven’t you heard of the popular saying which says, ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’? It totally fits in the current lockdown situation! As you look up to us as your favourite organisation to work, we have something just for you!

TCS Ion Career Edge - Knockdown the Lockdown is a 15 day self-paced online course which has been specially created to help you effectively utilise the time you have during the lockdown in developing your soft and hard skills to enhance and sharpen your personality and knowledge. You need to dedicate just 2 hours per day over 2 weeks to learn diverse skills which prepare you for your career and keep you ahead of your peers. Through this course, you gain the necessary skillsets demanded by industry along with guidance from TCS business experts, thus giving you a head start well before you start your career.

The learning in this course is aided with nano tutorial videos, case studies and assessments to gauge if the course objectives are met and to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. This course includes webinars by TCS experts, making it relevant and aligned to the industry. There is an end-of-course assessment after completion of all the modules. This course also comes along with a community - Career Edge - Knockdown the Lockdown.

Make complete use of your ‘quaran-time’ by taking this amazing learning course today!

All you have to do is, Subscribe for Free to the IoN portal today. This course of 15 days is offered free of cost so that you can utilise the lockdown period enforced on you productively to sharpen your skills and take on the future well-prepared.

Click here to subscribe for the course now: https://iur.ls/D/D62

Go Subscribe now!!! And let me know how it helps you, also let me know in case of queries. Comment below!


Team Campus Commune.