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Follow the Code of Honour-say NO to Plagiarism!


Dear CodeVitans,

We are all set for the Pre-Qualifier (Round 1) of the CodeVita Season IX and we know you are, too! But before you get started, let's share some facts about Plagiarism and how it is handled in the contest. 

As aspiring super-coders, you must be well aware that plagiarism of the source code isn’t just borrowing or copying someone’s hard work and intelligence, it has far more serious implications in industries and businesses.

Below is a classic example of code plagiarism

(Photo source: codequiry.com)

TCS CodeVita sets you up with unique and complex real-life problems. But, being an open-book contest, it gives you the freedom to refer to any website or books. You can look up the internet for a part of your programming solution to our problems. And what’s more, you can even copy parts of your program from an outside source, to reach the final solution. But, with such freedom, comes a huge responsibility.

What should you do if you fall under the above circumstance?

If you have referred to any websites or the GitHub which contains the pre-existing solution to a part of the problem, exact links are to be declared. This is called Attribution of a Code. If you have used multiple codes from an outer source, mention the exact parts you have copied/referred, attribute the codes by mentioning the links of the original source(s). If the links are not mentioned, then it would be considered as an incorrect entry and would be considered under plagiarism.

The same rule applies, if you have not exactly copied a code from an outer source, but have modified or built on it.

Note: Generic entries like “Google.com”, www.codechef.com, “stackoverflow”, “Friend’s Code”,”Internet” will Not be accepted.

If you have written the entire code from scratch, this rule does not apply.

Where should you mention the attributed code?

Before you submit your solution on the CodeVita system, you will get an option wherein you can select- whether or not you have referred to an external source. If you select, “Yes”, you will get space to enter the entire details of the source code. You have to provide complete link/URL of the code if you have copied or referred to.


At TCS CodeVita, we have a dedicated team and system to check on plagiarism. Over the last 9 years, we have developed very strong code copy detection mechanisms and each season thousands of students get disqualified on this ground. Moreover, MockVita will also have an internal plagiarism check.

Note:  If you have copied your code from a person, both of you will be eligible for plagiarism, resulting in the disqualification for the next rounds.

So, explore and get well versed with Application features such as Private and Public Test Cases and their respective submissions.

If you are honest about your abilities and have faith in your practice and hard work, them you have nothing to worry about. This will benefit you to qualify for all the rounds and get your closer to the winning seat.

Having said that, let’s all take a pledge against plagiarism today! Click here to take your pledge:  https://campuscommune.tcs.com/channels/codevita-season-9/polls/take-your-pledge-against-plagiarism-here

Put your best foot forward. We wish you All the very best



Team CodeVita