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And here are the ultimate victors of InfraMind Season III

Hi there, The moment of truth is right here! The InfraMind Season 3 reaching the climax, the celebrations have already begun at the TCS Siruseri, Chennai. And we have our Winners and Runners-up for the day!
Let's give a big round of applause for all our 20 finalists as we unfold the top two winning teams!

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The runners-up were Team Scifidevs- Damanpreet Singh and Gurpreet Singh from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana.

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Our winners are none other than the awesome Team Exterminators- Barath and Navin Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Pondicherry

Now...is the time when we declare which team have you voted for!

While the finale was on the run, we had carried on a winner poll contest on our TCS Campus Commune Homepage and have been overwhelmed at the swelled up excitement from the student community across the country. And so, let us also take this opportunity to announce that the most voted or the most popular team among the students was team Aether_Hunter from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Srikakulam!

As always, our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for all the participants and the winners. We wish them a glorious career ahead.

We would like to thank the TCS CBO unit and Team Talent Acquisition who has brought out a great show!
I would thank all of you who have been with us, shared our excitement and encouraged the participants! Thank You very much!

Time for some important announcements again!

Thanks to each and everyone for participating and sharing our joy. There's a lot more of the finale paparazzi to come. We will also announce the winner of the quiz conducted on the IT Infrastructure services channel winners very shortly! So, stay tuned! See you right here.

Team InfraMind