TESTimony is now EnQuode


Change is the new constant. To align with the changing market needs, we have re-engineered our flagship campus connect contest to focus on Quality Engineering (QE). Optimal quality is no longer an aspect that has to be assured, it now has to be engineered right from the start of ideation. Further advances in technology are enabling virtual and physical worlds to collide. That gives us a wide range of opportunities to design and engineer relevant products.

We work in a dynamic business environment where we as consumers would like offers real time, discounted deals on gadgets proposed to us based on our interaction on social platforms, contribution to gadget community, flexible insurance premium based on our driving pattern and flexible health insurance based on our fitness routines that our wearable devices and health apps compute. We want the lines between businesses and industries to disappear. It is not a simple integration of databases, interfaces, apps, etc. Change involved is herculean. Several businesses have faded into the oblivion as they couldn’t cope with competition. All it takes is a lag of few seconds to shoo away customers. Consistent top grade performance has become a basic need for any customer. There are oceans of data for companies to mine and understand how markets, societies, communities, families and individuals behave. Infrastructure too moved away from being solely machine and technician dependent to being autonomously controlled by software. In this chaos, it is utmost important that security and data privacy are not compromised.. Projects today and those in the future thrive on the ability of the engineer to be pluripotent.

It is with this growth mindset that we present to you TCS EnQuode - Engineering Quality through Code. We want you to explore this platform to the fullest. Learn and practice Quality Engineering and several Core Engineering concepts through each of the rounds in this learning journey. Challenge the status quo. Experiment with different tools, and technologies. At every point, we want you to move beyond the regular nuances of identify and issue and also have the capacity to remediate it, and fix the system behavior.

Goal is to enable early detection and prevention of failures within the software under development with added focus on Automation. This year EnQuode will focus on this theme.


TCS EnQuode platform presents a unique opportunity for the students to explore and learn Quality Engineering as well as rewards them for exhibiting exemplary talent in a variety of topics in QE space. Concepts include: DevOps | Automation testing | Performance testing | Performance Engineering | Accessibility Testing | Security Testing | Test Data Management| Test Environment Management| Test Data Management | Digital Assurance and other Quality Engineering related topics. There are several tools that cater to each of these areas – Open sourced and licensed. Familiarize yourselves with them. Learn to build and work with tool frameworks. Working knowledge of each of these tools and technologies is critical in today’s digital world.

Reward yourself this learning experience. Keep checking this space on Campus Commune to register for TCS EnQuode 2018! All the best.