Don't be Misled by Fake Offers or Interview Call letters - Validate before you act !


Beware of Fake offers or interview call letters ! - Validate your TCS offer letter or any communication from TCS.

Some pointers that will help you validate 

All off campus drives are formally announced on the TCS career page. Always cross check the TCS careers page to ascertain if the drive/opportunity is genuine.

Any mail communication from TCS on the off campus drive will be from the TCS domain alone (@tcs.com) . Public mail services will not be used to communicate any aspect of the off campus drives (test venue, interview schedule etc offer letter etc)

So before responding or taking actions make sure you ascertain the genuinity of communication received by you

Here are the steps to validate  the TCS offer letter and spot common patterns that fraudsters resort to

Wishing all TCS Aspirants the very best and we trust this message will help ensure that you do not fall victim to any fraudulent schemes when applying to TCS.