Indoor Navigation based on AR
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Application developed to help customers navigate outside stores have so far never really made it past initial pilots in most part because of the lack of any cost efficient or accurate way of locating where a customer is when they are indoors. The two large consumer mapping platforms provided by Google and Bing have made reasonable progress in mapping large department stores but with limited success. Navigation to store is the easy part - easier navigation when in store is a problem still yet to be solved.

The proliferation of AR-based indoor navigation in different consumer sectors is estimated to experience tremendous growth in the coming years as technologies continue to evolve. As users increasingly become more digital savvy and ready to apply new technologies in their everyday life.

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Imagine entering a large supermarket after a long day at work and all of a sudden finding the pasta aisle seems like a daunting task. You can offer shoppers an easy-to-use indoor navigation solution that will improve the shopping experience and provide you with numerous ways of increasing your revenue.