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Aug 26, 2020, 05:30 UTC
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Financial institutions are increasingly becoming a utility player for the lack of differentiation they can bring to their consumers. Innovative ideas addressing specific problems from FinTechs combined with a shift in consumer behaviour in embracing personalized services, is putting pressure on Financial Institutions to come up with solutions that can help sustain their growth, and provide superior customer experiences.

The years ahead depend largely on the ability of the FinTech firms to evolve their products, business models, workplaces and engagement infrastructure, in line with the threats and challenges. Retail financial services business models are threatened by disrupting use of new technologies, Wholesale banking firms are besieged by increasing operating / capital costs further impacting market liquidity, Market infrastructure firms are experimenting with industry reconfiguration, Retail banks are exploring ecosystem partnerships & leverage and Capital market firms are struggling with disconnected critical functions (like risk management, compliance, finance) and lack of industrialization.

We at TCS, are offering an opportunity for you talented youngsters, to help our Banking , Financial and Insurance customers (& prospects alike) become more innovative, stable and ready for future. Customers are looking forward to hear and implement creative ideas from their consumers that can address the current challenges for them. Considering their future consumer base includes all of you, IdeaBank is an effort to crowd source all of your futuristic ideas.

Contest Rounds
Idea Submission Round
Starts: 10th Sep, 2020, 05:30 UTC
Ends: 25th Sep, 2020, 18:30 UTC
Takes Place Online

The contest is a two member team event. The contest allows each team to submit their Ideas on any one of the contest themes in a PDF/PPT/Word format.

Details of the themes have been provided in the contest round section