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The new TCS.com goes live

Thu, Mar 9 2017

The Reimagined TCS.com website is now live. The new website reflects the TCS of today—young and energetic, active, vibrant, collaborative and informal.

The new TCS.com is streamlined and intuitive with content that is ‘approachable and easy to read’. The graphics and visuals are prominent, immersive and interactive. The reimagined TCS.com is designed with multiple stakeholders and will engage customers, prospects, influencers, analysts, media and job seekers. The overall experience in the old TCS.com was “read a lot” whereas our aspiration for the new TCS.com is “see a lot”.

The key design elements of the new TCS.com include a strong colour palette that makes the site come alive; two-colour gradients applied consistently on top of all of the full-screen imagery, creating a cohesive experience in addition to adding visual interest and ensuring the text will be readable; parallax scrolling effects that make the content flow to the user. In some cases, the images themselves become interactive experiences through the use of parallax 3D effects, allowing users to interact directly with the content on the site. Edge-to-edge, immersive photography, and HD motion video backgrounds were used to support our new “Show More” strategy and add to the sense of immersion. The website takes advantage of the computational capabilities of modern browsers, allowing effects to be done in real-time. 

The snow animation and 3D effects in the success story image on the home page adapts not only to mouse movements and changes the direction of snow movement but also adapts to the gyroscope movement in mobiles. There are many such marvels embedded all through the site that would please the geek in anyone! We leveraged technologies from two of our great customers who are also our key partners – Microsoft and Adobe.

The new website is hosted on an infrastructure that is one of the best in the world and has a full Cloud architecture, which enhances the experience significantly.

The URL is the same: www.tcs.com but the experience completely new.

Go ahead, explore the new www.tcs.com