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Thu, Oct 5 2017 MUMBAI, October 5, 2017: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading IT services, consulting and business solutions organisation, today announ...
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Tue, Nov 22 2016 TCS Ecuador was presented with the award for Social Inclusion and Diversity. The award for social inclusion is an initiative of the Municipa...
TCS Brazil sponsors the first TCS Hackathon in Latin America

TCS Brazil sponsored the 1st TCS Hackathon in Latin America region for students from The Sao Paulo State Faculty of Technology (Fatec) in the city of Barueri, Brazil. The institution is a part of ‘Centro de Paula Souza’, a long-time partner of TCS in projects such as goIT and Enable.

Students spent more than 30 hours in college developing mobile platforms and applications for the Insurance industry. There were a total of 10 teams of 5 students each. The challenge was to develop an application using Analytics, Big Data and IA to help insurers increase efficiency and effectiveness of field inspections where assets like equipment, buildings, crops, etc. have high value

The winning team - "Requisitos" built an app to help insurance companies locate a specialized expert who will evaluate assets. The video celebrates the partnership extension of Centro de Paula Souza and TCS.