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Brazil TCSers experience pure integration and friendship cooking their own dinner

Food is the most powerful fuel for the human body. Apart from providing energy, it also connects us humans as a society. In his recent visit to Brazil, Ajoyendra Mukherjee, EVP and Head, Global Human Resources got to experience the pure integration of different cultures and friendship amongst TCSers. More than 20 associates from diverse background came together to experience the joy of cooking together.

“This kitchen has no leadership levels or hierarchy. Our trainees, managers and directors prepared their best plates side by side with the top TCS executives from Brazil and from the world. And the result of our dinner was pure integration”, said Tushar Parikh, TCS Brazil Country Head.

In the middle of dishes, a lot of food and flavors, Parameswaran Ramani, Head of Human Resources at TCS remembered that “in fact that was NOT a special day. It is our everyday routine. From the trainee to the top leadership, our goal is to always work together, helping each other to achieve a common goal and grow together. This is what working in TCS is all about”.

The TCS Mining Latam Client Partner, Ralph Soares, confessed that had never cooked, even a single egg, and now takes good reference for a Chef’s night at home. “In the corporate world, we are used to do a lot of team buildings. This time TCS team was successful in thinking outside the box. It was different from everything, with a lot of collaboration to achieve a common goal”.

According to TCSer Nathan dos Reis, being next to the main leaders, supporting each other, and exchanging knowledge has been an outstanding experience. “I’ve worked in many companies and never experienced anything that close and special. I am grateful to TCS to make this experience possible”.

“Great concept, good fun, fantastic experience. Now we just have to wait and see if the smiles continuous once we eat what we have cooked!” stated Ajoyendra Mukherjee. And the smiles were there… For the entire evening, and in the memories and comments in the upcoming days after that special one. The best part of all is that TCSers will be able to replicate what they have learned in that Cooking Experience beyond the ones that were there, with their colleagues and families.

“To make something nice, everybody needs to collaborate. Each of us needs to put his or her bit. Finally we are One team. One TCS. That’s the key message for all of us”, completes Novonil Bhattacharya, TCS Latin America HR Head. The best is yet to come!